Premier League Trophy Presentation 2020

July, 2020

Client Premier League

Event End of Season Trophy Presentation

Venue Anfield, Liverpool

Client Brief

To design and produce a unique  trophy presentation, consisting of staging, special effects, lighting and music, that was fitting of a Premier League End of Season celebration like no other, allowing the players to celebrate their victory in a controlled and safe environment during the height of a global pandemic.

Our Response

To enable a safe environment for players and staff, strict accreditation zones were implemented which restricted the number of personnel allowed on the field of play, the ‘red zone’. This meant that a traditional post-match presentation could not be effectively delivered to the scale expected of the Premier League End of Season. As there were no spectators allowed into the stadium, a ‘stage in the stands’ concept was developed which allowed us to build an impressive platform with branding, theatrical lighting and SFX into The Kop. Using an extended build period, usually not possible with spectators in the stands, we were able to create a spectacle of lighting and special effects that was impactful for the TV audience, and elevate a celebratory atmosphere for the players who were inevitably going to miss celebrating their moments with their fans.

Large scale roof pyrotechnics were incorporated allowing loyal Liverpool fans to still see the celebrations from a distance. The size of the stage itself was increased to allow for a more spread out presentation with the players, allowing for social distancing. Markers were placed on the stage deck to alert players to wider spacing. As the stage was built and ‘show ready’ prior to the start of the match, the need for any stage managers or crew in close proximity to the players and dignitaries was completely eliminated.

Given we were at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, all EVENT360 staff were appointed a ‘shadow buddy’, meaning that should any staff member become unwell or need to self-isolate on event day, then a replacement staff member, who was fully across the project, could step in within an hour. All staff, including the shadow team, were COVID tested 48 hours in advance of the event, along with temperature testing on arrival for match day.


“It was absolutely great, absolutely great. It made it even more special that the families could be in the stadium. It’s strange, you stand on a stage and there is nobody  – but I have to say, the people who organised it made the best of it.

If it would have been the last game, then we wouldn’t have had the opportunity to go on the Kop. I was never on the Kop before, it was pretty special and I think it makes sense in the moment when the people are not in that we use the Kop to celebrate it with them together in our hearts. It was really good.”

Jürgen Klopp

Team Manager, Liverpool Football Club